What’s Up with All Those Pears?

Many visitors to Morrie Rohrlick’s art show at the Club Sportif MAA in Montreal have been asking why pears appear in so many of his paintings and drawings.

Morrie adored pears for their appealing shape as well as their artistic symbolism: their rounded form represents fertility, and because pear trees live a long time, pears also represent longevity and immortality . A fruit that evokes a long life of creativity: what could be a more perfect emblem for Morrie? And pears satisfied his famous sweet tooth, too!

Here’s a detail from “Boxes of Pears” by Morrie Rohrlick, 19 1/2″ x 25″ (framed), colored pencils on paper $695 (#054), currently on exhibit at the Club Sportif MAA and available for sale:boxes of pears detail